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Acquiring Personal Domain Name

Why Buy Domain Name ?

Why Acquiring Personal Domain Name ? When it comes to acquiring your domain name, this is very important. Having a domain name that includes your first name and last name is extremely important. Everything is constantly changing We are in a rapidly evolving technological age. With the passage of time, the acquisition of your domain name becomes difficult . Because of the competition in registration of domain names in the world.

You might be wondering why I might register a domain name in my name and my surname ?! How about a space of your own to display your CV or share and promote your work. It makes you connect with the world quickly and simply, or in short, it indicates the extent of professionalism in your business and makes it more flexible and popular.

Personal domain names are not just for personal use. It only contains several aspects related to your business or personal life or a CV . That helps you to communicate with the outside world, or in short, you can direct it or forward it to your social media accounts.

In short, your domain name is your space. You can use it in the field that you find suitable for your needs

Why should Acquiring personal domain name ?


Acquiring Personal Domain Name

+ Search Engines Likes That

Despite the complexity that search engines rely on, it is certain that having keywords within the domain name improves the likelihood that your site will appear in the first results of the search, and plays a key role in the front page.

The search engines link the relationship between the keywords in the domain name and the search performed by the user. This improves the user’s experience and makes it easier for him to get the best results.

Also, SEO experts believe that search engines like Google depend on the website’s relevance to a particular search and filter it out in the first results. In order to be able to provide the best user experience and to save on effort and long search.

+You get a matching email address

Having your own domain name provides you with a unique experience and countless features.
One of the most important features is having your own personal email address.

For example, you can create your own email like:



The fun doesn’t stop there. You can set more than one personal email on the same domain name.
The domain name may be in your family name and they have different addresses, each in his own name, such as:     …

and so on.

+ Protect Your Content

When you use social platforms or free blogs, you are basically outsourcing your content to host and by doing so promoting these platforms, which can be exposed to many challenges such as content theft or sometimes the collapse of these platforms.

Blogs and social media platforms come and go. But by hosting your content online, you have a permanent home, full ownership, complete control, and greater search visibility. The best thing is that hosting your own site is very easy and inexpensive.


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