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How to Appraisal Your Domain?  Your domains are your real assets, and their worth is no less than physical assets. Your domain name is a representation of your business, and it is your brand identity. A domain name can be worth from a few dollars to six or seven figures depending upon several evaluation factors. A good domain can worth more than a house or a building. If you want to calculate the worth of your domain, then you have to appraise it.

From the beginning of the internet, many domains had made records and were sold in 7 to 8 figures. But it doesn’t mean that your domain will be of such worth. But still, it is an excellent thought to get your domain appraised so that you can know about the value of your domain.

What is the worth of your domain  The worth of your domain depends upon the buyer how much he is willing to pay for your domain. Usually, most of the domains nowadays are sold between hundreds and thousands. Your domain will sell for higher if it has good value. Domain buying and selling markets have grown rapidly and now many people are doing the domain buying and selling businesses and making good profits.

There are many tools and software available online that can help you in estimating your domain’s worth. Some of them are free software, and some of them are paid. All of them use different metrics to analyze the value of your domain. But you must know that you can’t totally rely on this software. Because it doesn’t mean that your domain will worth the same as shown in the software. There are many other factors also that are considered in domain appraisal.

Methods of Domain Appraisal :

Basically, two methods can be used for domain appraisal.

  1. Manual Method
  2. Evaluation Tools

Manual Method For Domain Appraisal

Manual domain appraisal is a tricky job. But if you do it right then, you can find some great and high-value domain names. In manual domain appraisal, you have to consider some factors and check your domain name one by one according to those factors. Although it is a time taking process, the results are also convincing. Many people still prefer to use the manual method for domain appraisal over the evaluation tools because they think that it is a more reliable method and allows them to check the value of domain according to their preferred metrics.


What are the necessary factors for manual domain appraisal?

If you want to know how much a domain may worth, then there are some necessary factors that you should be aware of and also know that how these factors make your domain valuable. Let’s suppose that you are looking for a high authority domain; then you should think that what are the factors that could influence your decision. It would be much easier if you can analyze the market and gather some data about recently sold domains. We have enlisted some necessary factors that can help you in analyzing your domain’s worth.

  1. Top-Level Domain

Talking about top-level domains, you must know that there are hundreds of TLDs available today that they are even difficult to remember.  You must understand that people only remember some famous TLDs like .com, .org, .net, etc. Every day, new TLDs are introduced, but only a few people trust them and know about them. It means that not all TLDs are valuable. Dotcom (.com) is the most famous TLD among people, and 80% of users prefer to buy a .com domain, so the price of .com is also relatively higher as compared to other domains.

  1. Number of Characters in Domain Name

The number of characters plays a significant role in determining the value of a domain. Less number of characters in your domain name means it is more valuable. Usually, domain names with 3 to 5 characters are of the highest worth, and they are sold at most high prices. Although they may not contain your keyword, if your domain name is less within 3 to 5 characters, then it is easy to remember, and it is also a good brand name.

  1. Keywords

Keywords also help a lot in determining the worth of your domain. If your domain contains a keyword, then it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be of high value. Many other factors also help to determine the worth of the domain, such as intent, niche, monthly searches, etc. If the keyword that is included in your domain has a higher number of searches, then your domain will have more worth. Also, if your domain has a keyword with sales intent, then it is also a high-value domain. These types of keywords are broad in nature, such as,, etc.

  1. Organic Traffic Volume

Organic Traffic Volume is also an essential factor. If you want to calculate your domain value, if your domain is already indexed in the search engines and it is driving a good amount of traffic, then its value will increase exponentially.  The reason behind this is that these domains usually have higher brand value. Another reason is that it reduces a lot of work for the client who purchases this kind of domain. You won’t have to build your brand value from the start because it will already have a steady flow of traffic on it.

  1. Easy To Brand

Your domain name will be of higher value if it is easy to brand. This type of domain names attracts high paying buyers. They are easy to pronounce, short of spelling, and easy to remember. Many people prefer to buy short and brandable domain names even they do not contain any keyword. These domains are easy to sell and are usually sold at high values.


  1. Domain Age

Domain age is one of the most critical factors in determining the worth of a domain. If your domain is old and bought a long time ago, then it will have a very high value because search engines more trust old domains, and they are easy to rank also. But you should keep in mind that these benefits will only apply to those domains that have been active. Old domains already have authority in the search engines, and they are already indexed. It doesn’t take much time to rank these kinds of domains as they are stable, and their spam score is also less.


  1. Accurate Spellings

Accurate spellings have a crucial role in determining the worth of a domain name. A misspelled domain name will not have any value, and it will be very hard to sell these kinds of domain names. Sometimes numbers also have an impact on your domain value. For example, shoes4you will have more value as compared to shoes228.


These are some essential factors that can help you in manual domain appraisal. These are not all factors, but they are the must ones. If you are performing manual domain appraisal, then you should look at the recently sold domains and analyze them for these factors. Then compare your domain with them based on these factors and decide the price of your domain accordingly.


Evaluation Tools For Domain Appraisal : 

There are many websites online that have developed their tools for domain appraisal. All you have to do is just put your domain names on these websites, and they will automatically calculate the worth of your domain. Some of these websites offer free services, while some of them are paid and require you to purchase a subscription. But the results of paid websites are also more reliable and convincing. Also, keep in mind that the value of your domain will vary from site to site as each one of them has its own algorithms to calculate the cost of a domain.

Some popular websites for free domain appraisal are as follows:

EsiBot – Domain Appraisal 


EsiBot is a trusted and secure platform that is used widely for domain appraisal. It is recorded that over 1.3 million domains are appraised on EsiBot every day. Once you make a report with EsiBot, you will have access to all kinds of metrics. You will get lists and graphs indicating how your domain is performing against certain competitors. If you are a domain buyer or domain seller, it will give you an idea that what your domain is capable of doing. If you are a domain seller and want to sell your domain, then EsiBot also provides you a marketplace where you can find a potential buyer for your domain and sell it at a reasonable price.

GoDaddy – Domain Appraisal 

GoDaddy is one of the biggest and most popular domain registrars. They also have a domain appraisal tool, which is very obvious that such a big company could have its own appraisal tool. Their tool is quite powerful as it used machine learning, a proprietary valuation model, and the company’s massive data library to calculate the worth of your domain.  Their domain appraisal tools look at your domain from many different aspects. Search engine optimization is the key focus of this tool. GoDaddy checks the popularity of any keyword that is present in the domain name and assigns a worth to it. They also consider other metrics such as length of a domain, monthly traffic, spellings, etc.


Sedo – Domain Appraisal 


Sedo is one of the premium domain appraisal tools, but its price is not much high. Is uses ten different factors when estimating the worth of a domain. Some of these factors are search engine optimization, ads value of a domain, and characters of a domain, etc. They have the most significant sales database in the world, which gives them an advantage they compare your domain with many other similar sold domains and estimates the right domain value.

Free Valuator – Domain Appraisal 

Free valuater Domain Appraisal

As the name indicates, free valuators are free to use, but they do have some premium services also. It uses Alexa rank and information form the google search engine to evaluate the worth of a domain. Once you check the value of a domain with free valuator, then you will get an option to buy a premium or crowd subscription. With a premium subscription, you will get a detailed report, and with crowd subscription, you will get advice from various experts from different platforms. They would analyze and tell you how much they would pay for your domain if they were the buyer of your domain.


There are a lot of other tools; also, the list is never-ending, but we have mentioned some popular tools that are mostly used. We Can Help You Also Contact Us 

How to increase your domain Value?

  • Always register the domain yourself as a domain owner
  • Always treat your domain as your asset and value it. Make sure you turn on auto-renewal for your domain so that nobody can take it from you.
  • Always try to buy the domain for long-term i.e., for 2 years or 5 years.
  • Try to increase the domain authority and traffic value by using search engine optimization techniques.
  • Make your website look good and well optimized.



So, if you are planning to get starting a domain buying and selling business, then investing in a domain name appraisal tool would be a great idea. Otherwise, you can also use many free tools available online. Being a website owner, it always feels good to know the worth of your domain name. It doesn’t matter if you want to sell it or not, but knowing the actual value of your domain name will help you to take it to the next level. For More Information Contact Us 

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