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Domain Flipping, Meaning and Some Tips

Domain Flipping

Domain name flipping can be a turning point in some people’s lives and can become a career for some, while some see it as an investment to sell it at a higher value and a better price in the future.

In this article, we will explain to you the meaning of Domain flipping and how this process is done.



Domain Flipping Meaning

Domain Flipping is to buy a domain name and then sell it at a much higher price after a while.

This is very similar to the process of flipping real estate or “house flipping”, where you buy a house at a certain price and then sell it after years or a period with a higher price.

There is nothing that makes your domain sold at a higher price or increases its value, but the right way for a successful domain flipping is to be in the right place at the right time to get a unique domain name and be awarded a premium price.


How do we flip domains:

1-Search and find an available domain name

In case you’re a lucky person, you can find a unique domain name if you searched  deeply.

Drop Catching

Drop catching helps you get an expired domain.

When the domain expires, it will enter the Redemption Grace Period “RGP” and this give the owner about 30 to 90 days, After this, the domain becomes available to everyone to buy  and can be taken by someone else.

Drop catching allows people to bid on the domain name that currently exists in the RGP period. This service then sets the highest price a person has ever provided and tries to register the domain on his behalf with domain providers when it becomes available.


Although in this way you may not get a domain, but  you will have a good chance to get a good one.

If you like this service, Name Jet may be right for you and help you to get a good domain.

You Can Use

2-Register the domain name

-If you are using drop catching, the service will register for you.

-If you found a domain name after a long search, you must register it with the domain provider

You’ll probably need to register the domain for just one year to convert it as soon as possible.


3-Find a buyer

This can be a difficult process, but you will have many options available including:

-Create a landing page

Make a page that makes it clear for people that your domain name is available for sale and allows visitors to contact you if they want to buy it.

-Disable WHOIS privacy

This service hides your communication data, so if you want to find a vendor you have to disable it.

-list on an Aftermarket Service

Sedo and Afternic help you put your domain name up for sale at the right price for you and also allow those who want to buy it.


4-Selling the domain name

You may need a service that guarantees you a proper exchange of money and not scammed since the process will happen electronically and with a buyer you may not have seen and deal with before.

Otherwise, you’ll be scammed, and you won’t get your money.


Best sites used in Domain flipping

In case you don’t have your own market to flip the domains, you can use these markets that help you make money by selling domains.


1-Flippa: Considered as the best market and the first site started selling and trading domains.

2.Trademy site: A new site for selling domains.

3.Aferinc is a very famous site that has a partnership with many other sites.

4-Freemarket: A new site with the same team.

  1. Digital point forum: a modern platform for flipping websites and domains

6- Web Hosting: An electronic market for the selling and buying domains that  has great popularity and a large number of visitors.


How much money or how much budget you need to start with Domain flipping?


You can start with the domain flipping with only $10, and you may end up with a long-range of months to years before you sell it for a good number.


It is recommended that you purchase a portfolio of different domains in case you are planning to domain flipping.

What is the best time for Domain flipping to achieve the biggest profit?


Domain flipping based on time

Buying a domain before everyone realizes its value and selling it when it reaches great popularity can make this process profitable for you.


The right time for domain flipping depends on many factors:


– The best time to buy a domain is when it’s not very popular or to get a domain when it expires.


As for the sale of the domain, the right time is very complicated.

If you want to get an immediate Financial return, selling at auction is the best option for you after you register your domain, but it is better to embrace the domain for a period of time before flipping.


The best types of domains to flip:


Expired domains are cheap because they have already entered the market before but maybe their owners are not interested in turning them for profit.

You won’t have to bid and compete for the domain buying , and won’t have to offer a high price to get the domain.


The short domain is a mixed bag for domain flippers.

In general, the shorter the domain name is , the higher it value because it is easy to write and ticket  and easy to market.

If you found a domain name consisting of a few characters and a name with a short and common phrase, feel free to buy it because it will return you profit.



The new domain is also have a high value, and you’ll see extensions and modifications called domain name that will help you take advantage of potential profit opportunities before anyone evaluates it.


4- Local

Local domain names are great and valuable in the field of flipping domains.

It’s specific enough and you may face a lot of competitors, but it’s valuable enough to sell it at a reasonable price.


5-Keyword-friendly and ranked top

You should also know how much friendly search engines  is “SEO”.

You can search a specific topic and know important words and phrases in this area that help you get more Google searches.

The more the word is searched, the more valuable it is when it is placed in the domain name, you will certainly face high competition but it is also a lucrative opportunity for you.


There are a lot of site extensions, such as net .But we usually use “.Com”.

Buying a domain with .com will make it more saleable at a good price.


7-Brandable and Famous Domains

Some domains that have a brand are easier to sell than others

Where selling would be better than

Because the second domain is a trademark of random letters and numbers


How do I know the value of my domain?

A domain that contains words that top search results is usually more valuable than others.


The domains that end with .Com are much higher value than other domains.

You can use tools like GoDaddy’s Domain value appraiser to see your domain value.


Is domain flipping legal?


Yes, it is.

But Cybersquatting is not legal if you buy a domain with a brand name to take advantage of the reputation of this brand. Ant cybersquatting Consumer Protection Act of 1999 protects business entities from Cybersquatting.


Can you make a lot of money by flipping the domains?


Some people got millions through domain flipping, but it’s rare and difficult to happen.


Successful domain flippers can earn approximately $30,000 to $100,000 or more.


Flipping Domains can also be a profit-making hobby Or a part-time job for people who enjoy creating new domains or finding and reselling domains.



Is domain flipping risky?

There are some minor risks to the flipping domain as in any commercial field.

But your losses can be very small. Because the domain name only costs approximately $10 a year, that is the amount you can lose.


However, if you end up buying hundreds of domain names, annual renewal costs can become expensive, so you have to own a plan for each domain.

Why do we recommend domain flipping?

Every Commercial fields and business have benefits and disadvantages ,

I’ll give you some reasons why I recommend flipping domains..

-Low price to buy

Domain flipping costs only $10 so it’s good and suitable for everyone.

-You can get an unlimited amount of money

The amount you can get from domain flipping is not limited and you can expand the business by hiring people to look at buying areas that need a long time to search.

-Low risk

The losses you may lose from domain flipping are small and limited as they will cost you only $10 to $20.

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