Domain Investing

Domain Name Investing, Meaning And Some Tips

Domain Name Investing

Before We Start Talk About Domain Name Investing I Want To Talk About The Domain Name Meaning And benefits .

Domain Name is the address of your site that you type in the browser to access your site, and it replaces the IP address because of the difficulty of saving the IP site.

For example, you can write it in your browser to access the site of the dean of hosting instead of his book IP site that is similar to the next 123.456.78.910.

 Domain names are one of the internet’s most valuable commodities; every brand or business needs at least one to exist online, and by making the right investments, you will enjoy a healthy return on investment .

For example, in the URL, the domain name is

The Domain is a unique thing for your site only from other sites, and there are no two houses with the same address.

What’s the most used Domain?

Domains have a special meaning and character, which proved successful and achieved large sales and others that no one noticed.

The most commonly used type of domains is Domain. Com, therefore, I would advise any beginner to choose this type for its location and other types.

Domain Name Investing

Domain’s most popular types:

 .Com – dedicated to the use of companies and businesses (commercial business).

.Net – Internet-based organizations

.Org – For government and private organizations

Edu – Educational institutions

Gov – Government agencies

.mil – military institutions

How does Domain work with hosting?

For the Domain to work with your site’s hosting, they must be linked together.

As you must connect the Domain to the hosting DNS, which is done through your domain control panel.

What is DNS?

DNS is a term “Domain Name System”, a system that stores domain name data or domain names on the Web.

Therefore, the function of the DNA system can be shortened in converting the browser from the URL to the IP address.

What is the importance of DNS?

 The DNA system converts the link of the site to its IP address, and therefore it saves users the trouble of keeping the IP site, i.e., it works as a phone guide. Instead of saving the user number, all you have to write the user name, and the phone book will show the number to you, and therefore the DNS system is the basis on which the domain name registration system

Domain Internet Control

Now ICAN controls the registration of domain names. It is the primary provider on DNS servers globally, where it is provided with a lot of important information about domains. Companies or people can’t deal with this company directly, but the Domain is booked through intermediary companies such as Dr. Mega. It provides you with as many domains as possible on the Web, and you can register them at nominal prices.

Domain Name Investing Meaning:

In essence, domain name investing means buying domain names and then selling them more than you bought them for. Domain investors look for domains that meet their investment criteria, then buy names, and then sell domains to other domain investors or people who want to use domains for a webs.

Domain Name Investing

How to choose a professional domain name for Investing?

1- Brainstorm the five keywords of your site

When you start searching for Domain, it’s best to set up the top five keywords that express the Domain you’re looking for, which by extension reflects your location you intend to build.

Once you get this list, you can start searching and making adjustments to these words until you reach a domain that expresses your location.

2- Choose a unique domain name

Getting a domain close to another domain is one of the most common mistakes many people fall into.

Always make sure you book a unique and unduplicated domain name.

Never book a domain that is similar to another site. 

3- Be sure to book a dotcom domain name

If you are interested in getting visitors to your site, building a brand for your site, and your visitors get a good impression through the Domain.

If you are interested in these things, you should only choose the domain name dot com.

Of course, you can buy the same Domain with different extensions, such as dotnet and dot-org, and you convert them in a 301 way to the Domain

Although there are now some large dot-net and dot-org sites, internet users still prefer the name dot com.

Many of them believe that this is the only reliable and legitimate extension.

4- Book an easy-to-remember domain name

There is a large percentage of searches through Google, whose goal is to reach a particular site by typing a search rectangle domain.

Of course, in this case, an internet user prefers a domain name that is easy to write and remember and easily accessed.

This also adds that there are many visitors to your site who come through the spread of news by tongue among users.

5- Keep your domain name as short as possible

This is a point related to the previous point; the short Domain is easy to remember and easy to write. The short Domain also has another excellent feature for search engines.

Search engines allow a certain number of characters to appear in search results. The shorter the primary domain link, the greater the chance that more characters will appear for the internal thread links.

6- Choose a domain that expresses your location professionally

There is no better example than Facebook in this context. The word Facebook means a book of faces.

It expresses Facebook as a social networking site, with people’s accounts with profile pictures.

People, by nature, tend to create quick impressions through minimal information.

When you tell someone that you have a site called “seotips”, you’ll get the quick impression that your site’s content is about configuration in search engines.

7- Avoiding the penetration of the property rights of others

Make sure that the Domain you choose for your site does not conflict with the property rights of one of the other companies or sites. This point will not only harm your site, but it is possible to destroy your business.

8- Avoid including numbers or tags in the domain name

Sometimes you often type the word you want to get a domain with, for example, SEO tips, and the Domain is not available, and you have suggestions such as:



Avoid these suggestions because they never express a professional site. The Domain of a professional site is what the conditions we have already indicated apply.

This does not include that the Domain contains numbers or symbols.

9- There are billions of domains already booked, so the task of booking a professional domain will not be easy.

Getting an excellent one-word domain name has become a bit difficult. So you should think carefully about an innovative name and at the same time available.

You have to be patient and patient in your choice to reach the equation, which makes you get a unique domain name and express your location and one word, and above all, to be available.

Or you can use one of the services mentioned above to choose the domain name

10. There is another approach to the selection of a domain name called the brand.

For example, the word “Google” or “wix” means nothing, but it is a famous brand name that everyone knows.

Best 4 Sites to buy a domain For Domain Name Investing :

1- Namecheap

It is the most popular site in the world of domain names, through which you can buy Domain at the lowest possible price, which is a guaranteed site and you can buy from it with ease, and we recommend buying from it 

This site also offers hosting services, through which you can buy hosting at the lowest prices.

2- GoDaddy

A well-known name in the online world, one of the sites with a long history in hosting and domain name, you can easily and afford to buy a domain name.

3- Enom

One of the essential sites also, which offers domain purchase services and even hosting services.


In the past, this company was known as 1and1, one of the oldest companies in the market, characterized by the provision of domain names at very low prices.


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