Domain Investing

Domain Investing , How To Start ?

Domain Name Investing

Domain Investing is one of the best ways to profit from the Internet, as it represents the investment of a portion of the money in a strong domain, and the demand is high. It is a profitable way to be patient and not to rush because it depends on long-term investment.

Domain Investing

The number of sites increases day by day madly and each site owner needs a distinctive name for his site because it is one of the most critical factors that help spread the name of the site and feature among millions of websites on the Internet and here what we will do is try to get these distinctive domains and then put them up for sale at a higher price, and we get the difference may reach millions of dollars – if you are lucky – and got a privileged domain before others.

 Domain Investing are buying domains on websites for a reasonably low price and then reselling them at imaginary prices.

Each site owner needs to have a very unique and attractive domain to distinguish his site from others. But those who want to deal and profit from buying Domains must gain some professional experience in that activity to gain a lot.

as well whenever you buy the distinctive or popular domains for some reason and then sell them to someone else who may need them for a more considerable amount than you paid in your purchase of the domain previously.

Domain Investing can be a big profit if, as I mentioned earlier, you are an expert and able to take advantage of good opportunities in it. You can grab offers and coupons on the site Name Cheap as an example where you buy distinctive domains at a price starting from $1 and then sell them at high prices provided that you choose domains that have a unique character.

Domain Investing World, Some necessary steps before entering :

1-you must have a visa or MasterCard.

2-you must have an account in PayPal.

3-you have a Payoneer account to make your profit.

4- be a member of a strong company with coupons and high discounts in domains, namely Godaddy or Namecheap.

To start In Domain Investing , you must follow the news of the domains daily, and know what the required domains and a lot to look for, and what are the worthless domains.

Some domains can be sold at imaginary prices (up to hundreds of thousands of dollars), and investing in them is a winning investment if the person realizes the value of what he owns.

Domain Investing

Steps To Follow To Find Profitable Domains For You : 

      • Find out the approximate prices of domains.
      • Search for the names of profitable domains.
      • Order the domains and know their history in detail.
      • Buy the distinctive domains.
      • Selling domains at the prices you want.

First the search for a new special domain to be short and straightforward and easy to save for you to be sold then high value, and here there are the two best sites to search for new domains and buy them and like you sell them on the same site and they Namecheap, GoDaddy.

Second , search for expired domains
expired domains are domains already existing but did not renew them for any reason. And you’ll find these domains in the best locations in it, and it is expired domains.

Tips Before Buying Domains For Domain Investing:

You have to check several properties in the domain before you buy it, like:

    1.  Watching the domain archive in previous years where you know what and the nature of the work of the domain previously where the previous content may be bad or contrary to the general rules or with Chinese content and that will negatively affect the Domain after buying it and to be sure by writing the name of the domain in the following site to check the content of the previous domain.
    2.  Make sure not to block the domain on Google, where while blocking the domain on Google will lose the domain or the site millions of traffic from Google as it is the first search engine in the world. You can be sure not to block the domain by looking for Dominic in that format to make sure that the domain is available or not.
    3.  Make sure not to block the domain at Google AdSense as Google AdSense is one of the most famous and best ways to profit from the site, and by blocking the domain in Google AdSense loses the domain a lot of its features.
      While the presence of a three-way or four-way domain is very distinctive but is forbidden by Google AdSense, it is possible to buy it and then talk to Google AdSense to lift the ban to make the best use of the domain.
    4. Make sure you don’t put the domain in the blacklist is not for the e-mails click on the following site ultra tools and check the domain and make sure not to add it to the blacklist, not for other site e-mails
      Find out the stages of the domain’s life.

Domain Life Stages:

The stages are divided into five stages that must be known:

    1. A domain is available for reservation slot, i.e., it is not anyone’s property and is available for purchase from the relevant domain sites such as Name Cheap.
    2. The domain is already registered domain
    3. domain owned by a user who has purchased it for a certain period.
    4. The expired domain:
      domain was owned by someone but did not renew it within 45 days of the site’s suspension, i.e. 45 days after the end of that person’s domain ownership.
    5. The domain in the phase of the redemption grace period:
      i.e., after the 45 days above, find a period that is often a full month. i.e., 30 days, the domain is available for renewal to the owner of the first domain, but at imaginary prices to find the domain lost, so it is called the phase of redemption.
    6. The domain in the waiting phase of the delete:
      It’s the last stage and often takes five days no one can do anything but wait to be deleted and return its status to the first stage, which is to reput it for sale and purchase with the company competent in that.

Domain Buying from trusted sites

You have now taken all the right steps in filtering and selecting successful and profitable domains for you in the field of Domain Investing remaining now one step and is to buy those profitable domains, and here I give you the best two sites to buy those domains, which contain coupons and high discounts to book domains to get back to you with higher profits and more where you buy domains starting from only $1
first site NameCheap
second site Go-Daddy

Selling domains and starting profit from the Domain your trade To sell the domains, you must think more professionally when selling the specific domains that you have first to select and arrange the domains according to their strength and importance to the target customer who is expected to buy the domains and determine a suitable and profitable price for each one.

Then you make a plan to promote the special domains to be sold in one of the following ways I’ll show you.


The first way is to communicate directly with people who are interested in owning a domain. An example of you Connect with entry-level channel owners who have a unique channel name on YouTube and tell them the importance of having a website with the same name of the channel and linking them to each other, and you offer it the same domain name for the exact name of its channel in exchange for a profit margin that you select.

The second way to offer domains for sale on their purchase sites If you bought the domain from the site Name cheap, put it for sale on the site Name cheap, and if you bought the site Go Daddy, put it for sale on the site Of Go Daddy and so on.

The third way to put the domains to be sold in sites dedicated to the sale of domains such as and this method is distinctive being that anyone enters this site is, of course, wants to buy distinctive domains and also ready to pay amounts that may be for you large but not many in exchange for getting a unique domain in his field of work.

The fourth way is to create a business page on Facebook and create a unique Page in the business, summarize, sell, and promote domains correctly, targeting those interested in building their sites and business areas regardless of their orientation and activities.

Fifth, of course, you should own a unique Domain website that is linked to your domain business, and if you don’t have a trading site, try to keep your site as soon as possible and then create pages on your site that show your domains and offer them for sale.



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