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How To Make High Domain Name Value ?

Domain Name Value

Before we Start to Talk About How to Make High Domain Name Value We Should Know : 

What is the domain name?

It is the address of your site that you type in the browser to access your site, and it replaces the IP address because of the difficulty of keeping the IP site. For example, you can write [] in your browser to access the Dean’s hosting site, instead of writing an IP site that is similar For example: 123.456.78.910.

Domain Name is a unique thing that belongs to your site only from other sites, as there are no two homes with the same address.

Why Domain Names Are So Important?

Building a dream brand for every business man. Whether its technology, fashion, or even a local ice cream parlor, the right domain name for your brand represents much more than just profits and money. Rather, it represents your culture, how people relate to you, how customers refer you, how staff explains what you do, and more. The correct domain name is an important part of your brand. For inquiries or assistance in acquiring the domain name, contact us

Paul Graham, one of Silicon Valley’s leading venture capitalist and co-founder of Y Combinatory. published an article in August 2015 stating that obtaining the best domain name on a suffix dot com provides two important advantages to the company’s website:

  • less effort to obtain On the visitors.
  • more indication of the strength of the company.
Graham added, “The problem of not having a .com domain of your brand name is that it is a sign of weakness.” He also pointed out a very important point:

 “Sometimes corporate founders know that he does not own his domain name on .com, but he deludes himself that he will be able to purchase it at a later time despite the lack of any evidence that his owner intends to sell it in the future. Do not believe that the range is for sale unless the owner has already authorized it and has told you the expected price of the sale.

How do you choose the name of your startup professionally?

The domain extension is what is added after the site’s name in the domain and most often it expresses the site’s activity.

so dominating the site [ DomainName .com] is divided as next :

Site name: DomainName

Domain extension: .com                           Like (

Domain Name Value

We chose for you a number of domain names for you For inquiries or assistance in acquiring the domain name, contact us

You are about to start a business project, so you must have thought a lot about choosing a suitable name for it. Choosing a project name is an important step in the business planning process, coming after defining the type of business and its legal form, and some may think it is an easy process to choose a few letters, or a word or two to represent your project name, but the process is difficult and very important, and it may take several hours or several weeks. Your business name is an important part of the identity of the business you intend to work with, and an effective tool for advertising, and also can help your clients understand what you are doing, as well as your target markets.

In order to choose the website address for your project, Domain + URL, your project name needs to be unique and available on the Internet. It should also be a brand name rich in keywords that reflects what your business does.


To find out precisely this, you need to do a simple search on the Internet to see if anyone is actually using this name or not. You can do this using the WHOIS domain name database.

7 important tips for choosing the High Domain Name Value 

Obtaining a domain name for a website is not easy, as there are more than a billion websites published on the Internet, according to the website “internetlivestats” for Internet statistics.

This massive crowding will make it difficult and difficult for you to obtain a domain name, and it will usually take you a few days until you find what you want, especially if you know that there are hundreds of companies in the world that only care about reserving beautiful domain names in all languages ​​in order to trade them.

And before you search for a domain name, search for a wonderful name for your project, a unique name that fits its idea, simulates its goals and is easy to pronounce and trade among your audience, if the project name is not great, you will not succeed in choosing its domain name, because the domain name follows the name of the project.

The best thing to do to create a name for your project is to ask a skillful linguist, who knows the derivations of the language, the names, attributes, meanings of things, the history of the designations, and what was called for everything. And repeat them.


Here I give you 7 important tips for choosing High Domain Name Value :

1.The same project name.

Try to search for a domain with the same name as your project, this is important to facilitate its preservation and circulation, and it is also important in terms of penetration of search engine spiders.

2. One word … it’s okay with two.

The one-word domain is the best, it is easier to memorize, easier to remember, easier to write, and is likable to search engines and visitors together, but in this crowd, you can add a second word, to have the same features in terms of ease of writing, spelling, and remembering.

3. No numbers, no links.

The use of numbers in ranges is often annoying, and it is difficult to remember, especially when the range is long, or the number is to denote an Arabic letter, such as using the number 3 to denote the letter “eye” or 9 to denote the letter Y.

4.Easy spelling.

Work as hard as you can to find a domain in which you do not use Arabic characters that need two Latin letters to type, such as “shin” that is written in English SH, or GH, or Kh, etc., as this is usually an alienation and annoying to users. So find your spelling range as easy and smooth as possible.

5.As short as possible.

Although you do not really have the luxury of searching for a domain in short letters. because the majority of short domains are reserved, you can still find an excellent range of 5 or 6 characters, and they are considered to be appropriate and easy to memorize.

The lower the number of domain characters, the site’s visitors are encouraged to visit it.

6. com, difficult? Dot net.

Although the ICANN organization responsible for the regulation and reliability of domain extensions in the world has recently approved a wide number of extensions, including many professions, the .com domain still holds the hearts of Internet users, and is the most widely used globally, as if it is not possible, However, a .net domain can be reserved for being the first competitor to .com, and the second most popular extension.

However, don’t narrow your reach, you can reserve a domain with other extensions that are popular with fans, like .me, .co, .live, .io, and more.

7. Age of domain name.

Domain age is also an important point, the older your domain name, the more Google will trust your site. Therefore, the old sites appear in an advanced manner in the search results, not the newly launched sites.

If you purchased an effective domain name a while ago (and don’t forget to review the domain record, to make sure there are no problems). Your ranking will be advanced in the search results. If you want to buy a domain that someone else owns, you can contact us, we will help you purchase the domain name.

Social networks have become part of the identity of any project.
so you should try to book a link to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts that match your domain name, if possible.


In spite of all of that, there is a positive not bad for violating some of these tips and choosing a long and not easy domain name. Which is that your site pioneers will search for it in the Google search engine to find it, which constitutes great marketing and reputation for it, but this risk will require you to marketing very expensive For your site, on the one hand, and to provide a great service or content that attracts the audience, it forces them to search for it on Google every time.

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