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How To Make Money With Domains flipping?

Domains Flipping

Before We Start Talking About Domains flipping We should Know In 2005, was sold for $ 14 million, and in the same year, was sold for $ 90 million!

Do not you believe it? Ok, what do you think that was sold for 30 million dollars?

For me, I believe (because it is true). Everything that you read above is words that have meaning and it is possible for a certain billionaire to want them and buy them… There is nothing wrong with that.

Either to see a Chinese company called Qihoo buy a domain called 360 dot com for $ 17 million? Why do you mean ??

And for the most expensive domains in history, was .. and imagine with you? 872 million dollars! Yes Domains Flipping Get Most Profit For Investors In this Field

When you plan to buy a domain with a view to selling it at a higher price, here you are doing its stores with domains. What is called in our world Domain Flip, which is profitable yes, but it cannot be considered as your absolute business.

Make this work as a kind of opportunity that you hunt every period. For me every month, I put a few days deeper into the research and do the steps that I will talk about with you here, after the end of these days This is a long term project … I finish this work whether I find it or not.

I know that there are temptations that you read a lot (like those you read above) and say to yourself if I find only one domain that brings me 20 thousand dollars better than doing a full year in my job .. Yes, your words are true, but do not forget that there are millions of trades and domains that move from One hand to another, and not all bring them the profits you are talking about !!.

Are there ordinary people who Make Domains Flipping?

A person named Ali Zandi (I do not know his nationality, but his shape is Arabic), bought 8 domains at regular prices and created profits of $ 58,000!

This person who bought a domain for $ 10 and put it on a site to offer it for sale, and a letter came to him from someone who entered his site that he wanted to buy the domain only and the sale was for $ 2,600!

Finally, you can do this yourself if you want any help Contact us .. With a simple look, you will know that they are all worth more than the amount you bought with much, and some of them can be sold easily.

How much money do I need to start Domains Flipping ?

Since you will start trading, and you have never sold domain in thousands of dollars before. This means that you do not have much money and want to trade in the short term so that you buy and sell in the shortest time .. 

Here is my advice for you not to start with less than $ 300, because it is very natural that you do not find that wonderful domain quickly and in a short period of time. Domain million, and therefore you have a very good budget that allows you to buy an excellent amount of domains that will give you excellent total profits you see a rate of return that makes you optimistic and enthusiastic about this method of work.

As for me, praise is to God, I do not care about you with me from the money I put in buying a domain, as long as I liked it and saw a good profit in it, and when I say well I never mean a few hundred dollars .. So I do not do this business except in opportunities as I told you and this the so-called long-term project, I do not trade in the short term, although it is not bad, it does not suit me.

Domain profit is when buying and not when selling !

When I go to search for a site I buy, I always search for sites whose owners are incapable of, yes .. these exist, their owners do not know their value, and this does not mean that they are stupid .. I even know things that are related to the sites more than what they know!

I know how to get money from him while they are not, I know how to multiply the profits and they only know this method that they use, I know how I want to trade while they do not know how to do it .. and so on

Why am I telling you this? Because the domains apply the same word, do not imagine the number of domains that I bought previously with very cheap sums just because their owners tried to sell them and did not know! , Tried to sell it and did not know, and this makes them sell it for a much lower amount… The important thing is that they profit from it! , And others because they do not have a credit card, and others there is no bank account, and other reasons are very strange that make them incapable of doing this.

What steps do I ever take in this business ( Domains Flipping)?

Knowing the approximate prices of the domains    

This is the first step I always take, search and know the prices currently in circulation for the domains, and build experience and see and appreciate the price of similar domains in a word for example, and other similar in the market and others…

Search for profitable domain names for Domains Flipping 

Before I tell you what I do in the process of searching for domain names, let’s talk about what makes the domain good and profitable and what makes it worse. Of course at the end of the matter the value of the domain is due to the buyer needing it and his idea of ​​it .. I can see a domain. For me, its value is that it bought at a price that suits me for its sellers at a great price, only .. While a large insurance company has a much larger value, it is possible to pay him a large amount to take it for itself.

These are the general things that you should pay attention to when searching for a domain:

  • The length of the domain in letters
  • The age and history of the domain
  • The real English word, letters or numbers
  • The name has a meaning
  • The extension of the domain and the better the dot com…

First: Thinking on the market

The search process must be organized, do not search like this without any limitation or narrowing, specify in what you will search, and here I talk about the market itself .. in which markets do you want to search? Select that

For me, I had determined that I wanted to search in the money and investment market, because I knew after the first step that it was a market that was being pushed a lot and that they appreciated terribly.

Second: Enter Google and search for words in that market

Really simple process, enter Google, search in dictionaries or websites for the words that people in that market trade, and write them in a special sheet you have .. write and search for what people are asking and what they are talking about, in every market there is a language that only people understand Well enter that market .. yes these are words that are not easily accessible and you will find domains in them

As for me, I also identified a lot of words, but I had 3 large sheets full of words in the market, including the word Rich, which I did not know I would find in the domain yet.

Third: Look for synonyms for those words that you have produced

The synonyms are frankly wonderful, so I found the domain, which offered me $ 5,000 the next day after I bought it without placing it on any site to sell it! , Enter google, dictionaries, and translation tools, and know the synonyms of the words that you have previously entered, enter the google tool planner tool (i hope you know it and if I don’t see a course how to sell Adsense site), I use it a lot to find synonyms for words.

Fourth: I search for the future of this market or what is new in it

Imagine with me if you were interested in the subject of digital currencies (Bitcoin and others), and in the beginning, I estimated that Bitcoin would have a great affair, tell me .. How much domain would you find Bitcoin, yes, very much. Because it is a new thing, a new invention It could even be said that it is a whole new word on the domains!

Here is what I want you to do as well, enter the market news .. I know about what is happening now I know about what scientists and experts discovered in that market, register, write and read more about it and if I saw that it would have something to do … Here I found a treasure

 Fifth: Start the research process

And here we will do it in two forms, the first form, which is manual. So that you subscribe to a site from which you can buy domains easily, easily, and quickly, and you start writing domains in it, there are a lot of sites specialized in buying domains. For me, I use only one trade and it is, and that does not mean that I am not using others for other purposes. It does not mean that others are not good.

These are the ones I tried and recommend, and I saw that they are fast and easy to buy:

Just start typing in your account there, type your keyword alone… Available? This is cool. Put it right, clear. Not here? Add your cosmetic words. Don’t buy it now if you find something. We are in the process of researching and comparing…

Domains Flipping Becomes The Most Long Profit Investment

If you have any problems, inquiries, or assistance, please contact us

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