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Top 5 Markets To Sell Domain Names Quickly

Sell Domain Names

Did you buy a domain name to start trading domain names? But you don’t know how to sell it? Want to sell domain names quickly with a high profit? Here we will explain the most important sites that can start selling your domain names?

At the present time, with the growth and increase in the popularity of domain names, it is bringing an unexpectedly high profit.

Today we will learn how to sell domain names and the most important websites that can sell your domains as quickly as possible


How To sell Domain Names?

It may take a long time to sell your domain names, or you may not get offers in a short time. The speed of selling domain names depends on the present value of your domain names and the way to sell these domains.

1-Appraisal Your Domain Names Value

The first step is to correctly determine the approximate value of your domain name. Displaying domain names in high Prices doesn’t bring you money and it may make the buyer distract from buying your domain name.

For Example : 

  • .Com extensions domain will carry a higher price.
  • Short domain names are the most requested
  • Your Domain Name Easy Spelling? Rememberable?
  • A domain name without signs and symbols can bring a higher price and Easy to sell

We have already talked in detail about how to evaluate your domain names and how to get money By Domains Flipping. All you need is to master the most important basics of purchasing your domain names

Take the time to find premium and valued domain names. Many domain name owners do not know the actual value of these domains. You can use many of the tools on the Internet pages. In the future we will talk in detail about these tools.

2-select the Methods that You Want To sell Domain Names

short term Method :

Some people want to invest in domain names and sell them in a short time. Yes, this is possible, but often it does not bring high profit. I personally do not prefer this method.

long term Method : 

Most domain name investors work this way. Investing in domain names is like investing in real estate, and as you know, the value of the real estate increases over time and you need time to verify that high profit. This is the case in investing in domain names

3-Ensure that your personal information for domain name registrations is public in

Some investors in this field do not want their contact information to appear publicly and at the same time they want to sell their domain name! very funny !!
The most important process in the sale of domain names is the presence of contact information for the owner of the domain name, which enables the buyer to communicate with you and began the sale. Otherwise it is difficult for the buyer to reach you and makes the process of purchasing the domain name difficult.
As for it is the most important platform in this area that helps buyers to communicate with sellers

So always make sure your contact information is public!

4-Decide Where To sell Your Domain Names :

There Are A lot Of Marketplaces To Sell Your Domain Names. These Are The Best : 

1. Flippa


2. Sedo


3. Godaddy Auction


4. Afternic


5. Namepros


5-Prepare Your Domain Names Listings

After selecting the market that you are selling to, it starts time for us to make a good list that includes clarifying some details of the domain, such as: Is there current traffic for the domain? What is the age of the domain? What is the approximate market value? This increases the opportunity to sell your domain names

6-use Escrow To Receive The Payment

This is the most important method used to protect yourself from being cheated by a potential buyer.
This service will work for a neutral third party that holds the funds to ensure the domain is transferred to the buyer
There are other platforms like Sedo that guarantee the rights of the seller and the buyer, they guarantee your right to the money and the right of the buyer to transfer the domain name to him. Of course, all this for a commission. Anyway protecting your domain deserves this. 

7. Domain name transfer

We have reached the last point. It is time to transfer the domain name to the new buyer. Most domain name transfers are similar
It includes the following most important elements:

  • The seller will send the authorization code to start the transfer process for the buyer
  • The seller transfers the money once the transfer is complete

We are finished for the day. I hope you have benefited from the above information. For more information, inquiries and questions, contact us


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