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Before we Start to Talk About types of Domain Names we Should Know 

The beginning of any commercial process is in determining the business owner for a thing or skill that will transform it into a product that can be displayed and marketed and is required from a specific category interested in it and seeks to satisfy their desires in a competitive manner with similar products spread in the markets, and in the domain name trade as is the case, but the product is one The target group has two layers: the customer who will resell the product and the customer the last user of the “customer end-user” product.

It’s natural to have more than just buying a domain name for a few dollars a year and then selling it for 4,000 dollars. To get a domain name by creating it, getting it expired, or buying, you can spend time advertising and sending traffic to it, find a broker or do the things you need to do to increase the value of the domain name.

In this article we will talk about the types of domain names:

Profitable domain name types that depend on the number of characters

Let’s talk about what makes the domain good and profitable and what makes it worse… Of course, at the end of the matter, the value of the domain is due to the need of the buyer and his idea of ​​it… It is possible to see a domain ( for me its value is that it bought at a price that suits me for a large price, only… While a large insurance company has a much larger value, it is possible to pay him a large amount to take it for itself.

These are the general things that you should pay attention to when searching for a domain:

  • The length of the domain in letters
  • The age and history of the domain
  • The real English word, letters or numbers
  • The name has a meaning
  • The extension of the domain and the better the .com

The search process must be organized, do not search like this without any limitation or narrowing, specify in what you will search, and here I talk about the market itself… in which markets do you want to search? Select that

For me, I had determined that I wanted to search in the money and investment market because I knew after the first step that it was a market that was being pushed a lot and that they appreciated terribly.

Enter Google, search in dictionaries or websites for the words that people circulate in that market, and write them in a special paper you have… Write and search for what people ask about and what they talk about, in every market, there is a language that only people who understand it well understand The market .. Yes, these are words that are not easily accessible and you will find domains


And they are the words that we will add to our keywords, remember that we do not want a long domain, at most two words and do not want more than that, and now write words that you add to your words and make sense, surely if you find in the next steps the name of one word without cosmetic words a lot better But believe me it will be difficult.

Just start typing in your account there, type your keyword alone… Available? This is cool. Put it right, clear. Not here? Add your cosmetic words. Don’t buy it now if you find something. We are in the process of researching and comparing.

Long domain names

Are you thinking of buying a domain name for your new business or website? Not sure if a long or short URL is better? How do URLs affect website SEO or SEO? Can they help or harm a site?

We hear such questions all the time. So to help you solve the long argument versus the short argument, and determine the best for your business, we created this page with information about URL length, exact match domains, SEO, keywords, and more. Read on to learn all about domain length and how it might affect your website’s success. You can also contact us online today for additional information!

When you’re planning to buy a domain name, you may wonder if the one you purchase should be long or short. There are different advantages to each. We’ll start with long domain names.

Are long URLs better than short ones?

If you can’t really “sum up” what your company does in just one word, or if your brand name is a little vague, you may want to purchase a longer URL to better explain what your purpose is. Let’s say you sell children’s clothing online, and the name of your business is “Pink Boutique.” To make your purpose and store identity a little clearer, you may choose something like instead of something shorter.

Longer domain names also have a better chance of being unique, especially if they combine words in a different way, so you may have better luck getting your URL of choice registered somewhere.

The Benefits of Short URLs

Shorter URLs, usually two words or less or A brand name, also have some very specific advantages. Short domain names are easier to read, since they’re so concise, and they’re also easier to remember. Also, since they take up less room, they are easier to include on any printed material, like business cards or brochures.

Short URLs have a better chance at being “catchy,” and are more likely to “stick” in someone’s head. For example, if you choose the simple URL “pinkbt” for your children’s clothing boutique, it’s easier to recall when a previous visitor wants to come back. That ability to stay with someone after they’ve visited your site is a huge leg up for short domain names, particularly when you want to build a relationship with your visitors.

They are being sold for fanciful sums. An example of the most expensive domain in history was the domain… And imagine with me with you? 872 million dollars!

An example of names for short domains is a pledge of imaginary sums : $30 million 2019 $18 million 2009 $17 million 2015 $16 million 2009 £9.99 million 2008 $14 million 2005 $13 million 2010 $11 million 2001 $9.5 million 2007 $9  million 2017 $8.8 million 2015 $8.5 million 2010 $8 million 2015 $7.5 million 1999 $7.5 million 2006 $7 million 2004 $6.8 million 2014 $6 million 2011 $5.8 million 2008 $5.5 million 2003 $5.5 million 2010


The only disadvantage to a short URL is that it’s more likely to be taken already, especially if your brand name isn’t 100% unique, a made-up word, or contains a common word or phrase. This may require you to make some creative URL names, or it could even mean that you have to pay a little more for a domain name with a different extension. Either way can help you obtain a short website URL that you like.

Domain names that contain international symbols

There are many domains that contain international codes, for example,, for the international key for Jordan, it is a domain for the international key for Palestine, and this is how the international symbols are used in the domain name. Here we note that we have a great opportunity to invest in buying a group of domain names and we add the country codes to which we will choose and sell for twice the amount of the amount that we will buy it

If you go to the world-leading domain market you will be surprised at the prices at which some domain names are sold at $ 5,000, $ 10,000, or more. Yes, You Can Make Money With Domain Names! 

Once you look at current events, conduct searches and audits on a domain name that refers to specific topics, it shows how quickly the good, expressive domains are extracted

Through research and reading, it appears that there are very few who benefit generously from buying and selling domain names. As I mentioned above there but if you want to join a few membership sites, learn some advertising tricks and get into the game, selling domain names can be a very profitable business for you and make money from them online. Contact us to help you with that.

Collectively, geographical domain names are estimated at approximately $ 500 million annually in total hotel reservations alone.

If you have any questions or want to purchase a domain name, contact us



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